Thursday, February 24, 2011

The new blog

Welcome one and all, this is the new website for my blog. This blog will be a series of stories that I've encountered throughout my life of nearly 1/4 of a century. As I approach the age of 24 I will share all interesting stories and adventures of not only myself, but stories of my friends that we all have encountered. I will update as often as I get bored and promise to provide interesting stories, and not so much walls of text.

Also I will be keeping this site simple as possible, so no eye spasms or a bombardment of imagery.

Some of the stories will be:
-The oops Fire
-The Ouch Tree
-The Town Fire
-The Maine Trip (Multiple parts)
-The Virginia Trip (Multiple parts)
-The Log
-Jimmy and the Dinkmobile(Multiple)
-The Drive Thru Post Office
-Miles and the Ford Ranger Adventures(Multiple)
-Mr. Angry(Tales about pissing our friend Mike off to no extent)
-The White Castle Snow Storm
-10 Degrees of Rubber
-The Man Van
-3 Rednecks in New York City
and many more, each of which are interesting and exciting to read, some will have pictures!!!!