Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Spring is a Lie

It's been 3 days since spring began, I walk outside Monday morning as well as Wednesday Morning in hopes to see a bird chirping or some woodland creatures herp derping on the thawed out grass. Nope, none of that happened. Instead I awoke both those days to a nuclear winter. WTF happened? St. Patty's day was very warm for drink, the weekend was nice too, but come Monday, somebody had launched the nukes and set us back into winter. So when is spring gonna, um, spring? Doesn't look like for awhile since the people claimed that snow and rain will be here once more next week.

Punxsutawney Phil, you lied to us!!!!

P.S. Tray sledding = fun!
         ^^^-Tray Sledding is basically taking fast food restaurant trays and putting one each under the rear tires of your car and by engaging the E-Brake, only works with front drive cars otherwise you'll be derping your ride into a pole if you go rear or all wheel drive, you can then whip around and fishtail all you want. Works best in a flat open parking lot while wet also good on ice/snow. Don't do what Miles did and whip around on dry pavement, that's how he threw out the ass end of his Ford Ranger.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Dinkmobile Saga: The Deer

If you ever owned a shitty car that lasted for years and wouldn't die, call it the Dinkmobile.

Jimmy once owned a '97 Plymouth Neon, he got it back in high school in our senior year. He owned it for a good 5 years before he finally upgraded to his new one. We called it the Dinkmobile due to the fact that the first set of his license plate read DNK, that's how the name came to be. This car survived everything that was thrown at it, from shopping carts to cars running into the side panels this car was well alive even after he got rid of it.

We were all leaving Will's house one night, Myself, Jarrett, Mike and Jimmy all drove since we all drove at one point. Mike left first cause he wanted to rush home and sleep before he had to work at Shoprite in the morning. Though he never works, just hangs out in the janitor's closet all day only coming out to mob the floors. Jim drove first followed by myself and Jarrett. We were all driving on the main road and Jimmy being the daredevil driver he is, was driving like a bat out of hell. A car was coming in the other direction when suddenly the car swerved like the guy was drunk or somethin, Jimmy hit his brakes and all I saw was the ass end of his car jump up in front of me. Luckly I was several car lengths behind Jim so I didn't hit him. I swerved around what appeared to be a huge box of some sort and Jarrett did the same.

We all stopped to see what had happened and what did was that the other guy who was coming down the road had hit a deer. After the deer bounced off the guy's SUV, it came into our lane right in front of Jim and he had no time to react and ran it over. Now when I mean that Jim ran the deer over, he ran the fucker completely over! The other driver came up to see if we were okay and I saw his big SUV had a big chunk of his bumper missing, while Jim's car had no damage at all! If anything there was deer hair all over the front plate and under the car. The deer however did not survive the incident, so what do we responsible guys do? Throw it in back of Jarrett's Jeep and take it to the butcher for venison burgers!

So what did we learn out of all this? A '97 Plymouth Neon has more durability than a 2006 SUV. They were some good burgers by the way.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A drink last night

You are now reading this post in my voice.

So last night we had a little adventure and so I'd figure I share it for today's post.

I was in WoW last night when Jarrett contacted me via in game. He said he was coming down tonight and it would be cool to see him again. I gave Will a shout and said he was in for doing something tonight. So Jarrett comes around 9 and we BS for a bit before we head on over to Will's house. When we got to Wills house we were greeted by his mom who had donuts set out for us to nom on. We spent a good 20min there while talking to his mom and her friends which was interesting to listen to. So we tried to get a hold of Mike who wouldn't come out to drink with us tonight, he was bitching saying that he just came home from work. So after finally getting a hold of him on the phone, he said he didn't wanna go and said for us to not mess with his car. . . .

Jarrett, Will and myself arrived at the place of drink to where we would socialize with girls since it was declared singles night, thought I'm already seeing someone I was obligated to be the wing-man. So after we walked in and said hello to the DJ's which Jarrett personally knows, an old friend came out of nowhere. I didn't recognize him at first and I thought I was getting mugged, it turned out he was an old high school friend. We began by having a pint and talking while Jarrett scoped out the chicks. There were quite a few women that didn't meet Jarrett's criteria and being the wing-man I was, I had to take a hit. As we were drinking who do we spot across the bar? Miles. He was chilling across from us, oblivious that we were there. He finally noticed us and we told him we tried to call him earlier, what luck eh? So I told him about Mike and Miles had an idea to go mess with Mike. So myself, Jarrett and Will all took off with Miles in his truck. First off Miles drives a 2010 GMC and he put a modification on it so it had an air horn, but not just any air horn it was a train horn!!! So all you hear going down the road is "whoo whoo"

Once we arrived at Mike's house, Miles had parked at the end of the driveway and me and Miles walked up to the Car. We started to wrap his car in a plastic that is industrial grade shrink wrap, this stuff was really noisy while we were wrapping it around the car. Mike had parked his car too close to this trailer and we had to jump over the hitch that we kept tripping over. We had gotten around so many times when suddenly we heard "Hey guys whatcha doing?" Mike had came out so we ran thinking he was gonna strangle us. Miles tried to run but still had the shrink wrap on the car and he was spring back into car with the roll in his hands. We hauled ass not looking back and with Jarrett and Will halfway down the driveway, we all bolted to the truck. Lucky for us Miles had kept the windows down so we had to Dukes of Hazzard jump through the windows. Miles peeled out with his train horn blaring and we headed back to the inn to where we were drinking.

We were chilling in Miles's truck when we saw Mike's car come up the road. I though he was gonna kill us but he was laughing saying that he wasn't gonna kill us or anything. I call BS to that but whatever. We had went back in to have more drinks and to chat it up. Will wasn't feeling to well, probably from all the running so he was chilling on the chair. We were standing and talking when we heard, hurp, splash. Will had puked a bit on the floor and we rushed him outside for him to get air, well he hurled again unto himself and the doorknob. We were inside on what to do now and we finished drinking then went out to see how Will was feeling. Some drink was freaking out over him, lol. Mike agreed to take Will  home which was cool of him to do so. Me Jarrett and Miles continued to bar hop. We went over the Delaware river to another bar.

The next bar had a live band playing which was really cool. We had more drinks and ran into more old friends and danced with some girls. My g/f showed up later and we had more to drink and once again decided to go mess with Mike's car with more plastic wrap. This time we took Jarrett's van since Miles was drunk. The four of us went to his car and once again started to wrap his car. I stood near Mike's window in order to hear if he comes out to kill us. I heard footsteps and I said guys Mike is coming we gotta split. We started to run, Miles got hung out again and we heard "Hey what are you guys doing?" It was Mike's father who came out. We ran like hell and since the door on Jarrett's van is broke, we had to hop in the back hatch. Then once again we hauled ass but no train horn this time.

We ended the night at a gas station to which Jarrett got van gas and we all split to go home. I woke up today feeling hung over and lemme just say, a shamrock shake does not cure a hangover, blurrrgh. It was a fun night, running like hell made me realize that I'm out of shape which sucks. So yea.

/Morgan Freeman

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Haven't had much time lately to post up some stories, but I'm not gone away from this, so for today's post, it's Caturday!!!

Tomorrow will be a story post, or tonight if I find the time

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ouch Tree/Trip to Mike's College

Been busy for the last several days, hence the lack of posts . . . .

Mike went to college back in spring of 2006, without a car he couldn't get far or anywhere for that matter. He was over an hour away from here, somewhere near Wilkes-Barre. So one day Jarrett told me that Mike was bored and wanted to know if we wanted to come and hang out with him at his college. Jarrett and I left town on Saturday morning and arrived there in early afternoon, we got sidetracked as usual. Jarrett brought his computer so we could watch some movies and do internet, at this time Youtube was about a year old at this point so there was no censorship or copyright claims or anything of the latter. Mike met us up front so he can show us the maze to his dorm, on the way we saw a couch and several good armchairs in the woods, Mike said its a good place to hang out late at night at the campfire. We arrived to Mike's dorm which looked like a nice little apartment. Two bedrooms, bathroom, nice size kitchen and living room, I would gladly like to have a place like that. He had Three roommates, two of which we never saw but I must say, kudos to them for putting up with Mike's anger and stuff. We went out to see the area to see if anything interesting was around.

We found a house that had a big K on the front:
Mike said it was some frat house of some sort, I thought it was just some beacon for some crack house or something of the latter. "Hey guys lets head on down to the Special-K to get some good stuff, yea" So we wandered around for a bit and found a movie theater that was $4 for a movie, and only $2 for popcorn and a drink! $6 for admission and snack, I sure do love small town theaters. After the movie we drove around a bit and found the best stereotype ever, 5 cop cars at a local doughnut shop and all of them had their police lights on. If anytime I had a camera on I wish it had been then, by the time I got my camera on we had passed the place and I was driving.

Thought it may have not been an exciting adventure, we did have one interesting thing to happen to us, we found a tree that said 'Ouch' on it and had a big X below, apparently this tree is located on a sharp turn and it has caused many car accidents, dubbing the name, 'The Ouch Tree'. We stopped to get a few photos at night and well, as we were doing so, a car took the turn too fast and almost ran into the tree to which Mike and Jarrett were standing in front off:
So we decided to come back in the morning so that we don't get hit by a car. As we drove down the road we could hear a Screeeeeech, but no bang. So we went back to his dorm around midnight and looked for some parties, nothing was going on but he had a few drinks in the room so we put on a movie on Jarrett's computer and just chilled for the rest of the night.

The next morning we hit up a local diner for some noms and wandered around some more, for a city this place was boring, and it was February so it was cold to boot. Jarrett and I left around 5pm to head back to our little town. We were 18 at the time so we didn't get to go to bars or anything good and it was a semi-lame trip, but we had fun later on that year.

Not sure what to do for the next story but at least there were pics this time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Fly Legacy Part 3/3

Hard to believe almost 6 years have passed since we all graduated high school . . . .

It was early August of the summer of 2005. A nice hot day out and with not a cloud in the sky we were all inside playing video games at Wills house. As usual Mike was choking Will for being his ass at Raw 2005, or whichever wrestling game we were playing. Jarrett brought up the idea to get supplies for out upcoming trip to Maine. A few weeks earlier we decided to take a trip up to Maine since Jarrett owns about 40 acres about 20 or so miles form the Canadian border. We all agreed and set off to Wal-Mart but first we were to pick up Jimmy, since he works there and we use his discount all the time. We had our two cars and instead of cramming into Mike's car which had a lot of crap. So we decided to see who can arrive at Jim's house first and the loser would have to put up with his nonsense about ubuntu and best buy.

We left Wills house and soon we were hot on each others tails. I suddenly pulled a sharp turn and took a detour thinking I could get there faster. Mike and Jarrett took off in one direction while myself and Will went another. We arrived at Jim's house and we were waiting for Mike and Jarrett to show up. Jim didn't answer the door so we tried to get a hold of Mike with the walkie talkies that he bought for the trip. We wanted to see how far the range was since they were rated for 5 miles, all we got was static. Thinking they got Jim and took off for Wal-Mart, Will and I set out to find them. We went to Wal-Mart, K-Mart plaza area and even over the border to Shoprite. They could not be found in sight nor heard on the walkie talkie. All we got on the walkie talkie was interference and jibber jabber from the K-Mart ones. So me and Will just shouted random crap back to them. We both agreed to just head back to Wills house and go from there. After getting out of town we finally got them on the walkie talkie, something you don't wanna hear. They got into a car accident.

We learned that they weren't too far from Jim's house and we showed up a bit late to the scene but lucky for us, they were okay. There was a cop there to direct traffic, along with Jarrett's mom and grandmother, and the homeowner.

Me: "How'd you pull this off?"
Jarrett: "Mike you tell him."
Mike: "Well remember Jarrett got the Dukes of Hazzard CD."
Me: "yea"
this being the Dukes of Hazzard movie came out a week or two before and we saw it.
Mike: "Well we were riding along and taking turns like a dare devil."
Me: "Mike you drive a Subaru not a Charger."
Mike: "Shut up, so anyway as we were coming down this road, I looked at Jarrett and said, I don't think we're gonna make this turn Luke."
Jarrett: "Then we hit the wall and tree, I saw my glasses fly off my face and land perfectly on the floor between my feet, but man does that airbag hurt."

What had happened was Mike took a turn too fast and ended up on a rock wall, which he ran into a tree. The front end was pretty smashed and the owner was bitching. I'm glad my friends were okay but this lady wouldn't stop. She complained that it would take $5000 to repair a rock wall and tree. I went up to the lady and told her "Listen lady, my two best friends just had an accident and I could of lost them, so lay off and shut up. It is not gonna take 5 grand to fix a rock wall that just needs to be re-stacked, and that tree just needs some fixing from home depot, so just shut up, go back to your house and let my friends recover." The lady just stood there silent as the flatbed truck pulled the car off the wall. I had pictures but still can't find them. Since Mike was under 18 I had to drive him to the hospital since our local medical clinic wouldn't take him cause of his age. I took Will home since he was going away for a few days.

After Mike was released from the hospital and Jarrett walking out of the clinic, we both went to Mike's house were we finished off the night on a few rafts and a cold beer in Mike's pool. Who said you can't mix Vicadin and alcohol. The next morning we went to survey the damage at the local gas station where it was taken too. Front end smashed in and fluids leaking, it was declared totaled. Mike would not get a car until the next summer.

If I ever find the pics of this accident I'll post them. . . . Next adventure will be the Ouch Tree. I was gonna do the Maine Trip but that's gonna be a multi-part blog, and I still have pictures from that!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Flying Legacy Part 2

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday since I had midterm projects to work on. . .

In summer of 2005, the summer after we graduated high school, everyone went on celebratory trips and partied for the next few months. We planned a few trips for the summer and Mike was chosen to drive. Now Mike isn't to keen on keeping his car clean or being a good driver. There is a small road that goes from the back of our town to the local route road about a mile up a hill. This is the hill we always try to go down in neutral without hitting the brakes just to see how fast we can roll down. We always did this but could never make it as we always braked before this sharp turn. If you don't stop you'll end up in the front door of a state owned historical building. So Mike decided to go down the hill and see how fast we can go with a full car. Full being myself, Jarrett, Mike and Will. We were traveling about 40 when Mike, being the semi-genius he is, decided to shut off the car! By that I mean he turned to key as far back as it would go before stopping since the car was in gear. With the engine silent, the power steering having no power, we were practically dead weight as we traveled 0 MPH down this hill.

As we approached the turn I swear this had to of been in some movie. Mike tried to restart the car but to no avail. The engine would not turn over and Mike kept turning the key and the wheel. We couldn't jump out since you would cross body yourself into a tree and the windows we're powered ones. So as we got closer and closer I swear I saw time slow down as Mike was able to finally turn over the engine and literally within inches and seconds we missed going off the road, and came very close to the rock wall. As we made it past the turned we looked at each other with that, holy shit we just survived what do we do now look. Suddenly BA-BAM!! We forgot about the dip in the road and caught some sweet air at about 70! We slowed down and arrived in back of the restaurant where Mike worked. We all got out laughing and Will hugging the ground.

We had good times in that car but in the end all good times will come to an end:

I had pictures to show but they're 5 1/2 years old and somehow I lost them over the years of many hard drives and everything else.
Part Three will be tomorrow, Was hoping to finish it up today but I wanted to put that story in.

PS. I promised a picture but since I can't find them, here's a picture of the NJ Transit schedule failing

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Flying Subaru, Part 1

For this tale, I wanted to add a back story to this. . .

So Mike is on his third car so far, he is not the best driver around and riding in the car with him can be quite scary. In high school Mike's first car was a hand me down from his mother, it was nice since he didn't have to give any payments for the car and the insurance he didn't pay yet since he was still 17 at the time. A 2002 Subaru Legacy is what he had, it was the higher up model so it had the fancy stuff inside. We did some crazy things in that car over the year he owned it. We used to speed on an old road in town, I asked Mike why we were speeding on this dangerous road and all he had to say was "Don't worry, we have all wheel drive" and sped up faster.

One of the most notable adventures of this car was back in high school. We had a mad dash out of the school parking lot after Miles took Jarrett from Mike's car, he was literally sitting in the car when Miles came up and grabbed him. So Jarrett joined Miles in his Dodge Dakota while I joined Mike in his Subaru, well not quite. Ya see I ran after Miles in his truck on foot, Mike followed next to me telling me to get in, so I jumped in his car and he said "Dude you're crazy, you ran almost 30 MPH chasing after his truck" and the parking lot wasn't that big at all. So after getting in Mike's car we chased after Miles since Mike thought he stole Jarrett since we were all suppose to hang out together. It was a game of cat and mouse driving though side roads, shopping plaza's and Wal-Mart. At one point we had lost Miles in one of the shopping centers but quickly got back on his tail as we drove up onto the highway.

Now Miles being the person he is, the backwoods of Pennsylvania redneck, he had a CB radio in his truck, so what did he do, got his trucker friends to help. At first we thought he called the cops on his CB to come get us, but as we chased after him the truckers blocked us from passing and going after him. This happened several times along the 9 mile highway from exit to exit. We finally stopped at the offramp where Mike hauled ass out of his car and ran up to strangle Miles while me and Jarrett laughed at the situation. Miles pushed Mike to the ground and he stormed back to his car and shouted for me and Jarrett to get back to the car. Mike sped away from Miles thinking it was over, but it wasn't.

We ran down the local road and with Miles following us behind we had hopes to lose him on the road somewhere. So Mike being the supposed idea man he is decided to turn off onto this old road then quickly got back on the main road. Miles being he had a Dakota at the time couldn't slow down and avoid so he went down the road and sped in hopes to catch us. We got to the bottom of the hill where we turned around to go find him. Miles finally pulled up after a few minutes bitching saying because of our chase and everything, he somehow blew out his transmission in his truck. Mike took this as a win while Miles slowly went back home in first gear.

There were more adventures in his Subaru but there is one adventure that decided the fate of Mike's car.

Tomorrow will be the second half of what happened, also pictures!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Soup's on! . . . The biggest guy in school

A lot of my stories take place after we all graduated, some during high school. Only a few high school stories are worth mentioning and this is one of them.

We were all in 10th grade back in 2002-2003, The way out school was set up there were 3 half hour lunch based periods for everyone to chow down to. Me and my friends were very lucky to have all of us in at the same time so we took over a table just for ourselves. Now when you put a table full of friends together than have known each other for a long time things don't get very quiet or calm. Each day we would talk loud or annoy one another, especially miles who would annoy both Mike and Cole. Mike would get so pissed off and would try to strangle Miles, Cole on the other hand was more passive and that drove Miles crazy cause he could not break him. However Cole was very reserved and kept his cool a lot and was lucky enough to eat a homemade lunch rather than school cafeteria food which probably contained some sort of horse meat and week old macaroni.

It was a cold January winter day, a soup kind of day. At lunch time we once again sat at our table to conduct our daily routine of noms and chats. I think it was a Friday since I had gotten 2 pizza's for the price of one, since the lunch lady's liked me. Be nice to the lunch lady's and they will give you more food for free. I walked to our table with Will, passing by the teachers who pretended to be prison guardsmen of the cafeteria. We arrived back to the table where as usual Miles was pissing Mike off and bothering Jimmy. I always sat next to Will since we talked comic stuff a lot and it was a bit quieter on this side. A commotion started where Miles was grabbing Cole's food and taking Jimmy's as well. Eventually Cole went to eat the soup his mom made him, it was a homemade tomato soup with a little bit of extra herbs and spices, I could smell it from the other end of the table it was so good. But Miles being the kid he was back in high school decided to annoy Cole and began to lunge at his soup container. The two of them were wrestling  for the soup container, but Cole had has fat kid hunger grip and wasn't gonna let him take it. Now I don't know who let go but all I heard was splash, bang and gasps.

The table next to us across the aisle had the group of kids that would seem to fit well in a inner city high school setting. Grant it we lived in PA in a place where you have to drive 30min to get to a mall. These kids consisted of kids who wanted to be rappers and had one or two girls who dressed like hookers on an La street corner. At the table sat the biggest black kid in all of high school all 4 grades combined. I mean this kid could of played NFL already and pass off at least 20 years of age, and all I saw was him covered in red soup. His thigh high Fubu jeans, his popeye with an attitude shirt, even his bright white Nike's all covered in red soup. I looked at Will and just bolted cause I had a feeling this kid was gonna come over and beat our asses. I ran a few tables up to where two of my friends sat. I saw Wayne, the black kid, stand up like a golem hanging over the table. All the teachers rushed over like it was some sort of prison riot was about to happen. Wayne handed Cole back his soup container and said not to worry about it. Then he turned to miles who was a shade of white that i have never seen before. He pointed at miles and said to him, "If you ever bother this kid(Cole) again, and cause his food his momma made for him to spill all over my clothes, I'm gonna put my foot so far up your ass, that you're gonna be my foot BITCH! for the rest of the school year". Miles looked at him like a frightened hamster and said okay. At this point the teachers were trying to calm him down thinking he was gonna break Miles in half.

I looked on from another table and just laughed my ass off. Miles never bothered Cole again, well for the rest of the school year anyway. Turns out Wayne is not as much of a mean kid as he appears to be. He was pretty chill and never picked a fight with anyone, he was a little crazy, he shouted "Oh Daddy" at times in class. We never knew why he did this.

That's one of the few stories from my high school years, next story will be The Flying Legacy

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shallow Canoe

There is no chronological order to each story I post, nor any significant connection between all the stories other than the fact that we are all friends, and there is no order of how interesting each one will be, whichever story comes to mind. . . .

Back in 2007, at least I think it was then, we were chilling at Mike's house. It was May and it had to be near the weekend since we were not working or had college and I know it was a weekday because the banks were open. Anyway, Mike had us go to his basement to check out his fathers new wine cellar. Out of the corner of my eye I spot an old metal canoe that was sitting on a couple of saw horses. I had brought up an idea as to maybe go canoeing down the Delaware River for when it was nice out, later on they should of listened to my idea. So we had all agreed to fix up the canoe that weekend and take it out on the water. So after a progressive weekend we had the canoe all ready and set to go. With a new paint for the name, Rosebud was ready to hit the waves. Well it turned out that the next day was really wet and rainy so we decided to cancel the trip and wait for a nice day. Friday came along days later and we were set to ride down the river.

I arrived at Jarrett's house late morning to find the canoe had been dropped of by Mike's father since he had a truck to take the canoe up to his house. So we were ready to go when Jarrett told us that him and Mike decided to take a different course down a shallow creek. Their thinking was, since it rained so much the creek would swell up and become a small river of some sort. So we launched from the swimming hole. It lasted for a good 20 feet when suddenly, SLAM!, we bottomed out. Jarrett got out and fixed the canoe and we were off again, for another 10 feet then BAM! another big rock that got in our way. This happened for quite some time, well most of the trip anyway. Apparently it took us 20min just to travel a good 1/4 mile in a shallow creek. After bottoming out countless times and Jarrett jumping out of the canoe to fix it all, we were smoothly canoeing.

Upon exiting and entering the canoe many times, Jarrett lost his wallet in the water. After realizing this he literally ran up the creek, the water was about hip high but he could not find his wallet. So we canoed further along and things were going okay, then we hit a bit of a speed zone and our other friend, Will who is not good with water, started to panic a little bit but we assured him it was okay. The canoe headed down some very minor rapids and the water was deepening. We started to turn sideways down the stream and in an attempt to correct ourselves we nearly capsized our canoe. At this point Will is freaking out and Jarrett said fuck it and jumped out of the canoe and pulled back to correct the angle just to send us backwards down the drop. Mike jumped out as well and i believe his words were "What? everyone is doing it" So myself and Will went down backwards, the water was deep. I tried to stabilize the canoe but trying to do that when your friend has a death grip on you doesn't help much.

So after that ordeal, Mike and Jarrett jumped back into the canoe and we canoed a nice calm creek. The occasional bump of a rock was all to be felt. A fork came up and being the guys we were, two of us paddled to the left, the other two paddled to the right. I got frustrated and threw my paddle out of the canoe. We ran a ground at the fork and declared camp time since it had to of been 2pm and we wanted to drink. As we relaxed for a bit I went out to get the canoe paddle I threw out of the canoe and saw Jarrett's wallet sitting a few feet away. A bit of luck came our way and we rowed out once more. After another hour we decided to call it since we ran into a huge blockade of fallen tree's and shallow water with rocks that would sink even the best of boats. We landed on shore of a forest and noticed the nice hole in the canoe. So we had no idea where we landed but we decided to walk back to get Jarrett's jeep.

After a hike through the woods we reached the road and started our hitch hike back. It took us about 45min to get back to his house and the drive to where we left off Mike and Will took a good 10 miles to get to. We canoed 3 hours to travel 10 miles, we screwed up somewhere. Once we got there we found Mike trying to kill Will, this is a normal thing for Mike to be all angry and I'll tell more about that later. We dragged the canoe a good 70 yards through the woods and up a nice steep hill. The  we miscalculated one thing, how to strap the canoe onto the top of the jeep. Lucky for us we had a good amount of rope in which to tie it down. After driving back to his house and nearly loosing the canoe on the road several times we decided it was a good trip. Few days later I had a slight earache from the trip and it sucked a bit but it was cool.

The only thing we learned that day was to bring more beer next time.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The oops Fire

The oops Fire was something a friend of mine did back in April of 2006. 

We were reading about the history of our area one day and came upon an article that spoke of an old attraction dating back to the early 1900's. This attraction was literally built in the middle of the woods about a good mile from the Delaware River in Pa. It was suppose to be the Coney Island of the Poconos and with the exception of the lack of oceanfront much like Coney Island, it was to attract many visitors and hopeful businessmen to the area. It was once stated in an old article, of which I don't know where it originated from, this part of the Poconos was to be the Hollywood of the northeast United States. Well due to the weather of this particular part of Pa, the land was prone to flooding as the little creek swelled up to a small river in the spring months and heavy storms. The attraction park ultimately met it's demise roughly in the 20's when heavy rains flooded the area causing the little stream to swell and take over the park and swallow up anything in it's path. After the wake of the storm the park was shut down forever and it left behind one notable attraction, The Gravity Rail. More information about what a  Gravity Railroad is, can be found here: Gravity Railroad

Now at this point we we're all incited to go check this place out since it was only a few miles from where my friend lived. As we kept reading about this place my friend Mike said that there was a bank located in the park and that the safe had washed away. So being how adventurous Mike is, he really wanted to go out and find this 'lost safe' in hopes to find historical money. So with myself, Mike and our two other friends we geared ourselves up and drove off to the site of the once attraction park. I had doubts of finding such treasure but to be in a pace of history was good enough for me, however Mike had strong intentions to be a treasure hunter much like Indiana Jones, and on the drive there we had no idea the adventure we had in mind. 

We arrived the spot and took off into the woods, geared with shovels, metal detectors and an assortment of other supplies we could see a clearing ahead of us. In the middle of the woods was a stream that lead us into a vast clearing of where the attraction once stood almost a century earlier. With our metal detectors in hand we began to sweep along the stream, we found old nails, bolts, poop and an old rusted metal plate. We walked all over the clearing and once we neared the cliffs we had found a thick heavy cable that ran across the land. This was the cable used for the gravity railroad that was which the main attraction to this place, it ran along a rail that was nearly a mile long, we found old rail ties and rails themselves that were left over from the park. The years of rust have proved minimal as the rails survived over a century in the woods in the ever changing weather. 

After being amused for a bit we went back to the clearing in which was covered in dry grass and leaves. The metal detectors would go off every so often and we would dig just to find old rusty nails and bolts. Occasionally we found an old bottle or beer cans from late night party goers. Then our detectors found something, we were frustrated to find that the metal detector had picked up an item underneath a huge pile of brush and dirt. All 3 of our detectors went off high on the chart which told us something valuable was there. But we were tired after wandering for hours so my friend Mike decided to be smart and clear the brush in a different fashion. He took a can of spray paint and painted the brush, thinking it was X marks the spot suddenly Mike pulls out a torch lighter and sets the ground on fire to burn away the brush. What an idiot he was and the 3 of us watch the dry brush burn . . .

Did I mention it was April and very VERY dry out . . .

Mike's 'genius' idea to clear by burning went over well . . .  for about 10 seconds when suddenly, WHOOOOSH! the fire spread quickly in a ring style from the starting point. Panicked we rushed to bury the fire in dirt but to no avail, the fire was spreading fast and instead of trying to stop, we bitched to each other. So after 5 minutes of trying to play fireman we decided to get out before we cook ourselves. We grabbed all the equipment and rushed back to the car only to go back to get my friend's camera that had fallen out of his pocket, oh and one of our friend's is not that good at hiking. So we literally picked him up and ran to my car. We took off like a bat out of hell as the fire burned. Being the responsible kids that we were, we headed off to alert the fire department of what was happening. There was no investigation and the fire department did an excellent job.

We went back a month later and found out that our little accident proved worthy to the land and the ashes left over from the fire promoted growth in the land as we saw green budding plants all over the burnt land. We may have nearly caused a huge forest fire but in the end we were able to bring life back to a lifeless land. A few years later we had gotten back into contact with an old friend of ours, only to learn that he was one of the volunteers who responded to that fire call. He said it was the most exciting thing to happen in spring in years.