Sunday, March 20, 2011

A drink last night

You are now reading this post in my voice.

So last night we had a little adventure and so I'd figure I share it for today's post.

I was in WoW last night when Jarrett contacted me via in game. He said he was coming down tonight and it would be cool to see him again. I gave Will a shout and said he was in for doing something tonight. So Jarrett comes around 9 and we BS for a bit before we head on over to Will's house. When we got to Wills house we were greeted by his mom who had donuts set out for us to nom on. We spent a good 20min there while talking to his mom and her friends which was interesting to listen to. So we tried to get a hold of Mike who wouldn't come out to drink with us tonight, he was bitching saying that he just came home from work. So after finally getting a hold of him on the phone, he said he didn't wanna go and said for us to not mess with his car. . . .

Jarrett, Will and myself arrived at the place of drink to where we would socialize with girls since it was declared singles night, thought I'm already seeing someone I was obligated to be the wing-man. So after we walked in and said hello to the DJ's which Jarrett personally knows, an old friend came out of nowhere. I didn't recognize him at first and I thought I was getting mugged, it turned out he was an old high school friend. We began by having a pint and talking while Jarrett scoped out the chicks. There were quite a few women that didn't meet Jarrett's criteria and being the wing-man I was, I had to take a hit. As we were drinking who do we spot across the bar? Miles. He was chilling across from us, oblivious that we were there. He finally noticed us and we told him we tried to call him earlier, what luck eh? So I told him about Mike and Miles had an idea to go mess with Mike. So myself, Jarrett and Will all took off with Miles in his truck. First off Miles drives a 2010 GMC and he put a modification on it so it had an air horn, but not just any air horn it was a train horn!!! So all you hear going down the road is "whoo whoo"

Once we arrived at Mike's house, Miles had parked at the end of the driveway and me and Miles walked up to the Car. We started to wrap his car in a plastic that is industrial grade shrink wrap, this stuff was really noisy while we were wrapping it around the car. Mike had parked his car too close to this trailer and we had to jump over the hitch that we kept tripping over. We had gotten around so many times when suddenly we heard "Hey guys whatcha doing?" Mike had came out so we ran thinking he was gonna strangle us. Miles tried to run but still had the shrink wrap on the car and he was spring back into car with the roll in his hands. We hauled ass not looking back and with Jarrett and Will halfway down the driveway, we all bolted to the truck. Lucky for us Miles had kept the windows down so we had to Dukes of Hazzard jump through the windows. Miles peeled out with his train horn blaring and we headed back to the inn to where we were drinking.

We were chilling in Miles's truck when we saw Mike's car come up the road. I though he was gonna kill us but he was laughing saying that he wasn't gonna kill us or anything. I call BS to that but whatever. We had went back in to have more drinks and to chat it up. Will wasn't feeling to well, probably from all the running so he was chilling on the chair. We were standing and talking when we heard, hurp, splash. Will had puked a bit on the floor and we rushed him outside for him to get air, well he hurled again unto himself and the doorknob. We were inside on what to do now and we finished drinking then went out to see how Will was feeling. Some drink was freaking out over him, lol. Mike agreed to take Will  home which was cool of him to do so. Me Jarrett and Miles continued to bar hop. We went over the Delaware river to another bar.

The next bar had a live band playing which was really cool. We had more drinks and ran into more old friends and danced with some girls. My g/f showed up later and we had more to drink and once again decided to go mess with Mike's car with more plastic wrap. This time we took Jarrett's van since Miles was drunk. The four of us went to his car and once again started to wrap his car. I stood near Mike's window in order to hear if he comes out to kill us. I heard footsteps and I said guys Mike is coming we gotta split. We started to run, Miles got hung out again and we heard "Hey what are you guys doing?" It was Mike's father who came out. We ran like hell and since the door on Jarrett's van is broke, we had to hop in the back hatch. Then once again we hauled ass but no train horn this time.

We ended the night at a gas station to which Jarrett got van gas and we all split to go home. I woke up today feeling hung over and lemme just say, a shamrock shake does not cure a hangover, blurrrgh. It was a fun night, running like hell made me realize that I'm out of shape which sucks. So yea.

/Morgan Freeman


  1. I feel you. I am currently dealing with a sizable headache accompanying a hangover and it's 6:20 PM...

  2. lol at the "you are now reading this in my voice" works too well o_O

    but yeah these stories are nice ^^

  3. morgan freeman, "I'm now going to rape you"

    if he says it, It really doesn;t sound so bad

  4. I didn't read that in his voice. What do I win?