Monday, March 7, 2011

The Flying Subaru, Part 1

For this tale, I wanted to add a back story to this. . .

So Mike is on his third car so far, he is not the best driver around and riding in the car with him can be quite scary. In high school Mike's first car was a hand me down from his mother, it was nice since he didn't have to give any payments for the car and the insurance he didn't pay yet since he was still 17 at the time. A 2002 Subaru Legacy is what he had, it was the higher up model so it had the fancy stuff inside. We did some crazy things in that car over the year he owned it. We used to speed on an old road in town, I asked Mike why we were speeding on this dangerous road and all he had to say was "Don't worry, we have all wheel drive" and sped up faster.

One of the most notable adventures of this car was back in high school. We had a mad dash out of the school parking lot after Miles took Jarrett from Mike's car, he was literally sitting in the car when Miles came up and grabbed him. So Jarrett joined Miles in his Dodge Dakota while I joined Mike in his Subaru, well not quite. Ya see I ran after Miles in his truck on foot, Mike followed next to me telling me to get in, so I jumped in his car and he said "Dude you're crazy, you ran almost 30 MPH chasing after his truck" and the parking lot wasn't that big at all. So after getting in Mike's car we chased after Miles since Mike thought he stole Jarrett since we were all suppose to hang out together. It was a game of cat and mouse driving though side roads, shopping plaza's and Wal-Mart. At one point we had lost Miles in one of the shopping centers but quickly got back on his tail as we drove up onto the highway.

Now Miles being the person he is, the backwoods of Pennsylvania redneck, he had a CB radio in his truck, so what did he do, got his trucker friends to help. At first we thought he called the cops on his CB to come get us, but as we chased after him the truckers blocked us from passing and going after him. This happened several times along the 9 mile highway from exit to exit. We finally stopped at the offramp where Mike hauled ass out of his car and ran up to strangle Miles while me and Jarrett laughed at the situation. Miles pushed Mike to the ground and he stormed back to his car and shouted for me and Jarrett to get back to the car. Mike sped away from Miles thinking it was over, but it wasn't.

We ran down the local road and with Miles following us behind we had hopes to lose him on the road somewhere. So Mike being the supposed idea man he is decided to turn off onto this old road then quickly got back on the main road. Miles being he had a Dakota at the time couldn't slow down and avoid so he went down the road and sped in hopes to catch us. We got to the bottom of the hill where we turned around to go find him. Miles finally pulled up after a few minutes bitching saying because of our chase and everything, he somehow blew out his transmission in his truck. Mike took this as a win while Miles slowly went back home in first gear.

There were more adventures in his Subaru but there is one adventure that decided the fate of Mike's car.

Tomorrow will be the second half of what happened, also pictures!!!!


  1. nice story man, cant wait for part 2 ;P

  2. haha, Can't wait for the second part!

  3. Epic saga :P Can't wait for part two!