Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Flying Legacy Part 2

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday since I had midterm projects to work on. . .

In summer of 2005, the summer after we graduated high school, everyone went on celebratory trips and partied for the next few months. We planned a few trips for the summer and Mike was chosen to drive. Now Mike isn't to keen on keeping his car clean or being a good driver. There is a small road that goes from the back of our town to the local route road about a mile up a hill. This is the hill we always try to go down in neutral without hitting the brakes just to see how fast we can roll down. We always did this but could never make it as we always braked before this sharp turn. If you don't stop you'll end up in the front door of a state owned historical building. So Mike decided to go down the hill and see how fast we can go with a full car. Full being myself, Jarrett, Mike and Will. We were traveling about 40 when Mike, being the semi-genius he is, decided to shut off the car! By that I mean he turned to key as far back as it would go before stopping since the car was in gear. With the engine silent, the power steering having no power, we were practically dead weight as we traveled 0 MPH down this hill.

As we approached the turn I swear this had to of been in some movie. Mike tried to restart the car but to no avail. The engine would not turn over and Mike kept turning the key and the wheel. We couldn't jump out since you would cross body yourself into a tree and the windows we're powered ones. So as we got closer and closer I swear I saw time slow down as Mike was able to finally turn over the engine and literally within inches and seconds we missed going off the road, and came very close to the rock wall. As we made it past the turned we looked at each other with that, holy shit we just survived what do we do now look. Suddenly BA-BAM!! We forgot about the dip in the road and caught some sweet air at about 70! We slowed down and arrived in back of the restaurant where Mike worked. We all got out laughing and Will hugging the ground.

We had good times in that car but in the end all good times will come to an end:

I had pictures to show but they're 5 1/2 years old and somehow I lost them over the years of many hard drives and everything else.
Part Three will be tomorrow, Was hoping to finish it up today but I wanted to put that story in.

PS. I promised a picture but since I can't find them, here's a picture of the NJ Transit schedule failing


  1. sounds crazy, I probably would have pissed myself if that happened to me!

  2. sounds like you guys saved on gas though