Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Ouch Tree/Trip to Mike's College

Been busy for the last several days, hence the lack of posts . . . .

Mike went to college back in spring of 2006, without a car he couldn't get far or anywhere for that matter. He was over an hour away from here, somewhere near Wilkes-Barre. So one day Jarrett told me that Mike was bored and wanted to know if we wanted to come and hang out with him at his college. Jarrett and I left town on Saturday morning and arrived there in early afternoon, we got sidetracked as usual. Jarrett brought his computer so we could watch some movies and do internet, at this time Youtube was about a year old at this point so there was no censorship or copyright claims or anything of the latter. Mike met us up front so he can show us the maze to his dorm, on the way we saw a couch and several good armchairs in the woods, Mike said its a good place to hang out late at night at the campfire. We arrived to Mike's dorm which looked like a nice little apartment. Two bedrooms, bathroom, nice size kitchen and living room, I would gladly like to have a place like that. He had Three roommates, two of which we never saw but I must say, kudos to them for putting up with Mike's anger and stuff. We went out to see the area to see if anything interesting was around.

We found a house that had a big K on the front:
Mike said it was some frat house of some sort, I thought it was just some beacon for some crack house or something of the latter. "Hey guys lets head on down to the Special-K to get some good stuff, yea" So we wandered around for a bit and found a movie theater that was $4 for a movie, and only $2 for popcorn and a drink! $6 for admission and snack, I sure do love small town theaters. After the movie we drove around a bit and found the best stereotype ever, 5 cop cars at a local doughnut shop and all of them had their police lights on. If anytime I had a camera on I wish it had been then, by the time I got my camera on we had passed the place and I was driving.

Thought it may have not been an exciting adventure, we did have one interesting thing to happen to us, we found a tree that said 'Ouch' on it and had a big X below, apparently this tree is located on a sharp turn and it has caused many car accidents, dubbing the name, 'The Ouch Tree'. We stopped to get a few photos at night and well, as we were doing so, a car took the turn too fast and almost ran into the tree to which Mike and Jarrett were standing in front off:
So we decided to come back in the morning so that we don't get hit by a car. As we drove down the road we could hear a Screeeeeech, but no bang. So we went back to his dorm around midnight and looked for some parties, nothing was going on but he had a few drinks in the room so we put on a movie on Jarrett's computer and just chilled for the rest of the night.

The next morning we hit up a local diner for some noms and wandered around some more, for a city this place was boring, and it was February so it was cold to boot. Jarrett and I left around 5pm to head back to our little town. We were 18 at the time so we didn't get to go to bars or anything good and it was a semi-lame trip, but we had fun later on that year.

Not sure what to do for the next story but at least there were pics this time.


  1. $6 for admission and a snack?! That's sooo cheap!
    it's atleast like $25 where I live!

  2. Where can i find a movie theater like that. Why can't they all be like that.