Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Fly Legacy Part 3/3

Hard to believe almost 6 years have passed since we all graduated high school . . . .

It was early August of the summer of 2005. A nice hot day out and with not a cloud in the sky we were all inside playing video games at Wills house. As usual Mike was choking Will for being his ass at Raw 2005, or whichever wrestling game we were playing. Jarrett brought up the idea to get supplies for out upcoming trip to Maine. A few weeks earlier we decided to take a trip up to Maine since Jarrett owns about 40 acres about 20 or so miles form the Canadian border. We all agreed and set off to Wal-Mart but first we were to pick up Jimmy, since he works there and we use his discount all the time. We had our two cars and instead of cramming into Mike's car which had a lot of crap. So we decided to see who can arrive at Jim's house first and the loser would have to put up with his nonsense about ubuntu and best buy.

We left Wills house and soon we were hot on each others tails. I suddenly pulled a sharp turn and took a detour thinking I could get there faster. Mike and Jarrett took off in one direction while myself and Will went another. We arrived at Jim's house and we were waiting for Mike and Jarrett to show up. Jim didn't answer the door so we tried to get a hold of Mike with the walkie talkies that he bought for the trip. We wanted to see how far the range was since they were rated for 5 miles, all we got was static. Thinking they got Jim and took off for Wal-Mart, Will and I set out to find them. We went to Wal-Mart, K-Mart plaza area and even over the border to Shoprite. They could not be found in sight nor heard on the walkie talkie. All we got on the walkie talkie was interference and jibber jabber from the K-Mart ones. So me and Will just shouted random crap back to them. We both agreed to just head back to Wills house and go from there. After getting out of town we finally got them on the walkie talkie, something you don't wanna hear. They got into a car accident.

We learned that they weren't too far from Jim's house and we showed up a bit late to the scene but lucky for us, they were okay. There was a cop there to direct traffic, along with Jarrett's mom and grandmother, and the homeowner.

Me: "How'd you pull this off?"
Jarrett: "Mike you tell him."
Mike: "Well remember Jarrett got the Dukes of Hazzard CD."
Me: "yea"
this being the Dukes of Hazzard movie came out a week or two before and we saw it.
Mike: "Well we were riding along and taking turns like a dare devil."
Me: "Mike you drive a Subaru not a Charger."
Mike: "Shut up, so anyway as we were coming down this road, I looked at Jarrett and said, I don't think we're gonna make this turn Luke."
Jarrett: "Then we hit the wall and tree, I saw my glasses fly off my face and land perfectly on the floor between my feet, but man does that airbag hurt."

What had happened was Mike took a turn too fast and ended up on a rock wall, which he ran into a tree. The front end was pretty smashed and the owner was bitching. I'm glad my friends were okay but this lady wouldn't stop. She complained that it would take $5000 to repair a rock wall and tree. I went up to the lady and told her "Listen lady, my two best friends just had an accident and I could of lost them, so lay off and shut up. It is not gonna take 5 grand to fix a rock wall that just needs to be re-stacked, and that tree just needs some fixing from home depot, so just shut up, go back to your house and let my friends recover." The lady just stood there silent as the flatbed truck pulled the car off the wall. I had pictures but still can't find them. Since Mike was under 18 I had to drive him to the hospital since our local medical clinic wouldn't take him cause of his age. I took Will home since he was going away for a few days.

After Mike was released from the hospital and Jarrett walking out of the clinic, we both went to Mike's house were we finished off the night on a few rafts and a cold beer in Mike's pool. Who said you can't mix Vicadin and alcohol. The next morning we went to survey the damage at the local gas station where it was taken too. Front end smashed in and fluids leaking, it was declared totaled. Mike would not get a car until the next summer.

If I ever find the pics of this accident I'll post them. . . . Next adventure will be the Ouch Tree. I was gonna do the Maine Trip but that's gonna be a multi-part blog, and I still have pictures from that!


  1. At some point in your life, you will refer to this as 'the good times'. Mark my words.

  2. Sucks about the situation. I still like the first paragraph. "So we decided to see who can arrive at Jim's house first and the loser would have to put up with his nonsense about ubuntu and best buy." Damn ubuntu.