Thursday, February 24, 2011

The new blog

Welcome one and all, this is the new website for my blog. This blog will be a series of stories that I've encountered throughout my life of nearly 1/4 of a century. As I approach the age of 24 I will share all interesting stories and adventures of not only myself, but stories of my friends that we all have encountered. I will update as often as I get bored and promise to provide interesting stories, and not so much walls of text.

Also I will be keeping this site simple as possible, so no eye spasms or a bombardment of imagery.

Some of the stories will be:
-The oops Fire
-The Ouch Tree
-The Town Fire
-The Maine Trip (Multiple parts)
-The Virginia Trip (Multiple parts)
-The Log
-Jimmy and the Dinkmobile(Multiple)
-The Drive Thru Post Office
-Miles and the Ford Ranger Adventures(Multiple)
-Mr. Angry(Tales about pissing our friend Mike off to no extent)
-The White Castle Snow Storm
-10 Degrees of Rubber
-The Man Van
-3 Rednecks in New York City
and many more, each of which are interesting and exciting to read, some will have pictures!!!!


  1. Those stories sound interesting, can't wait to read them!